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Sudhir Shet
Bungalow Interiors - Banjara Layout, Bangalore.
Relationship : Client
Project Date : January 2017
Project Price : 10,00,001 – 50,00,001

We took Priyas services for our home interior design, decor, execution and supervision.
Her knowledge in the interior design area is diverse and vast.
She is well acquainted of the latest trends and always innovative in proposing many solutions to any given situation.
She and Her team are very prompt and professional in follow-up of the ongoing work with the contractors and in providing regular updates on the progress.
She also uses the latest technology for the design work, providing 2d and 3d version of drawing to give a real life like visualization of the designs. She is approachable, friendly, patient listener and also focused.
In many cases during the project, she has gone beyond her realm of responsibilities by helping contractors find the right material to ensure the project is not halted.

Decopad Interiors

Relationship : We are the customised wardrobe, kitchen, and cabinetry manufacturing company that supplied finished interior products to
PD Design's interiors projects

Project Date : April 2018
Project Price Range : 10,00,001 – 50,00,001
We have the priviledge to be working with PD Designs on their home interiors projects. As manufacturers of premium wardrobes, kitchens, and cabinetry furniture; we have helped them convert their vision of their customer's home designs into reality.

We enjoy working with PD Designs on their projects because of their high-touch approach with customers. They are also very detail oriented and their experience with homes over many projects helps ensure good detailed designs and practical solutions. They are also strict with us about quality, finishes and detailing.
Customised home interiors is not easy. Designers must understand their customer's functional requirements, their personal design tastes and then translate that into designs and further into a finished product and all of this is particularly challenging in our Indian construction environment.
A lot of effort, thought and practice is required to get things right. Fortunately PD Designs has the ability to work through these disciplines and make things look easy for their clients.
If you are the owner of a premium home, I would definitely recommend using the interior design services of PD Designs. This recommendation comes through my personal experience of working with them on their customer projects.
Decopad Interiors.

Architectural Design of Residence, Belgaum
Relationship : Client
Project Date : April 2007
Project Price : 50,00,001 – 1,00,00,000
Priya is a professional architect you will love to work with. We were building a house in Belgaum and my brief requirement was:
1. Must have a curved rooftop
2. Should use the granite stone for exterior and one internal wall
3. House should make use of adequate use of natural light and air Working on these concepts Priya helped to put an architecture and ensure the project came up with our expectations.

Vinod Chandran
Villa Interiors - Chaitanya Smaran, Bangalore

Relationship : Client
Project Date : October 2012
Project Price :10,00,001 – 50,00,001
We worked with Priya first in 2002 and since that went very well again in 2012. She is great at taking our ideas adding value to it and translating it into an implementable design. She is detail oriented, a good listener and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Priya and PD Designs for any home interior projects.

Prem Kunnath
Luxury Apartment Interiors - Bairavi Cruz Luxor, Bangalore
Relationship : Client
Project Date : July 2015
Project Price : 50,00,001 – 1,00,00,000
1. Well designed decor to suit the given plan of the House.
2. Endeavored to cater to the style and comforts of a decent living.
3. Pastels and shades are classy, bright and roomy without being loud.
4. The rooms are well laid out to serve the intended purpose of a comfy life.
5. The kitchen and utility area is practically designed to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

Whether you are accessorising or gut renovating, we provide a personal and custom service that works. We’ll guide you through the entire interior design process from floor plans to furniture installation. We also give our clients access to the top emerging trends, latest finishes and best prices.

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Our key objective is to engage with client organisation and provide site-specific guidance associated with managed and integrated design solutions to drive out best practice. The design process is a complex one and we recognise that changes to established systems cannot be affected wholesale.

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A passionate designer, the Founder, brings to the studio, 2 decades of work experience in India, USA and UK. The knowledge gained through extensive travel to different parts of world, experiencing it from a Designer’s perspective and imbibing global cultures, all add to her designing skills. Excellent communication skills and intense commitment has helped her put together and work with teams of various professionals, which percolates to a Client’s utmost benefit.

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Count on us to help you Formulate your project requirements, Design your needs functionally and aesthetically, Guide you through 3d visualizations of your designs, help select apt materials, colours, textures and patterns. Choose the best vendors and executors, Assist in décor selection and styling your space and Manage and execute your dreams.

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The Complimentary Consultation

Based on the project details you provide, our designer will meet with you for a complimentary consultation at our studio.

Design and Execute

Depending on your scope of work, our designer will provide floor plans and funiture layouts, pick paint palettes, source furnishings, finishes and accessories and manage contractors and installation. Your dedicated one point contact will offer answers and solutions along the way